Always Classy, Obama Refuses to Send Member of Admin to Thatcher’s Funeral.

My thoughts should not appear in print. What a !@#$%

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Decided well before the Boston Marathon terrorist attacks, Barack Obama has yet again put his scorn for the UK on display this time by refusing to send a senior member from the Obama administration to pay final respects to Margaret Thatcher.

Leaving it to the Republicans, attending Thatcher’s funeral will be former secretaries of state from the Reagan administration, James Baker and George Schultz.

Also attending the funeral will be former US vice president Dick Cheney and ex-secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

U. S politics, i.e., eliminating the Second Amendment and disarmament of Americans was cited as the justification for Obama’s snub of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Friends and allies of Baroness Thatcher expressed ‘surprise and disappointment’ last night as it emerged President Obama is not planning to send any serving member of his administration to her funeral.

Whitehall sources have revealed that the US…

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