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And Just Why ARE American Worker Bees So Angry?

In the traditional run up to Thanksgiving, a couple articles appeared in well-known media outlets about Americans becoming more and more angry and disillusioned with the United States and why this is so. The standard answer is economic: the economy … Continue reading

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How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang

Originally posted on Alexandre Afonso:
In 2000, economist Steven Levitt and sociologist Sudhir Venkatesh published an article in the Quarterly Journal of Economics about the internal wage structure of a Chicago drug gang. This piece would later serve as a…

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A Black Reporter Summarizes Barack Obama!

Originally posted on LETVENT.COM:
The below summarization of Barack and Michelle Obama’s 5 year reign in the White House is by far the best I’ve ever read as it squarely hits the nail on the head. And it took…

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A Killer In Your Fridge ~ Sweet Poison…A MUST READ

Quit diet soda over 25 years ago after being warned by the daughter of one of the researchers that it was poison. Very much worth a read. Rhonda Gessner In October of 2001, my sister started getting very sick. She … Continue reading

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Christian Women Face The World

Originally posted on Beyond Sodality:
Out here in flyover country, a disturbing trend is presenting itself – the niqab, or Muslim women’s face covering is appearing more and more.  To see it in a country where women are encouraged to…

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The Hunt for Pufferfish

Originally posted on Swampland:
The following is an excerpt from DOUBLE DOWN: Game Change 2012 to be published Tuesday, Nov. 5. In conventional political terms, Mitt Romney’s challenge in picking a VP presented a complex puzzle. With the GOP convention in…

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