Cold Wars, Climate Change And Black Gold. The World Dominance Trinity


It used to be a nuisance.  Now it starts wars

Originally posted at Rat Nation

Is it possible….  Maybe, just maybe….  Could it be, that the reawakening of the Cold War, the “Climate Change” contortions of words and the Russian takeover of Ukraine all have the same root cause?

Oil, that is.  Black gold.  Texas Tea.  (Admit it.  You sang along.)

Could it be that a ruthless network of “leaders” want to be the ones to control the world energy market and so they are making moves to see to it that that happens?

Make energy exploration as unpopular as possible in the country poised – once again – to be the world’s undisputed leader in energy production and exportation with innovative ways of getting to the black sticky stuff, and maybe, just maybe, the people of that very country will reject energy supremacy on their own.

By playing Chicken Little.

Yet another reference our woefully under-educated educated people will not understand.

Twice in the past few days, the idea that the Climate Change crowd have been laboring in consort with energy interests has surfaced.  One source is Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace who appeared on Sean Hannity’s program and gave one of the most sustinct history of the earth lectures in under seven minutes anyone will ever hear.  (Rat discussed this here.)  Moore all but says the population was dumbed down so that energy interests could convince us that OUR actions in getting to and using energy sources could be villianized for the use of the energy brokers.

The other is the uncannily correct Wall Street Insider, a source of D.W. Ulsterman for a number of years, who had this to say:

It is economic politics, a very old game, from which the few are hoping to control the many.  Why the media does not indicate the truth of this, I don’t know.  Perhaps every mouth and pen has been bought out already.  Then again, I watch and read much less from any of that clatter these days.  Partly due to physical challenges, and partly due to it gives me a headache listening to impudent children lie so easily and so often.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian government has “turned off the gas” to the Ukraine no fewer than forty times.  Some outside that realm know of that already, but what even fewer know is that former Ukraine President Yanukovych had just last year, approved a ten billion dollar LNG exploration agreement with U.S. based Chevron.  Please look it up yourself to confirm.  Three months later, and he is literally run out of office.  Coincidence?  You know better than that by now, don’t you?  If people would but pay closer attention to such agreements, they would have a far better idea of what may soon follow.  There is much money to be made off of such temporary destabilizations.  George certainly knows his way around such things, and I was informed CGI will enjoy a quite reasonable profit as well.

This coincides with the massive LNG reserves both known and projected, within the United States, and throughout North America.  While Russia and China share concerns of our potential to become the world leader in energy production, it is the Saudis and their Middle East partners, who have invested billions to prevent that very thing from happening.  Have you noted how the upheaval in the Ukraine has coincided almost to the day, with the media generated push to renew efforts to combat “climate change”?  Again, there are no coincidences here, and certainly far beyond the paltry sum of Mr. Steyer, who is nothing more than a foolish pawn.  What is the saying about a fool and his money?  Rather,  it is all part of a plan, now being orchestrated, with pertinent players intact, very much including the Man Calling Himself Obama.

There is a bit more to these WSI remarks at the Ulsterman site.  (LNG=liquid natural gas)

So, could it be, maybe, just maybe, “climate change” and Putin’s show of force is all about Russian, Chinese and Saudi Arabian attempted control over the world’s energy supplies?  After all, to have control of a people, one has to control communications and the basic necessities of life.  Energy has joined food, shelter and clothing as an essential.

If one goes back a bit in the 20th century, remember that American oil companies at one time DID have control of the Saudi oil fields.  They were nationalized in a gradual process between 1973 and 1988.  There were always additional sources of oil out there (all nationalized after American oil companies developed them), but Saudi oil is what was exported to the United States where we famously have an appetite for it.  If we were to develop our own resources, and drill on our own land, as proven oil reserves keep popping up, the cash cow for the Saudis gets slaughtered.

The rumor is Putin wants Alaska back for the very same reason.  After he punishes Ukraine for contracting with an American company for energy exploration, of course.

And the Occupier of the Oval Office yesterday makes a statement that we are going to go along with the international community or something in taking any sort of action or stance against Russia.  Is he THAT much in the Saudis’ pocket?

Barack Obama is headed to Saudi Arabia this month to discuss security issues….  I’ve got $100 that says he bows to the Saudi King again.  I know, it’s a sucker bet.  But this was announced BEFORE the Ukranian and Crimea events happened.  Did he know something the rest of us didn’t?

So, does this mean that we are headed for Cold War, Part II?  Doubtful.  Putin’s not afraid to actually shoot.  Previous Soviet leaders were more cautious, even when Carter was president.  (Our leadership appears to be lining up with Saudi Arabia who isn’t going to shoot at anybody.  We’ll end up doing it.  Maybe.)  This one may well have real battles, not just submarines circling each other in the North Atlantic.

Does this mean that there will be billions more spent on “clean energy”?  Another sucker bet.  Of course it does.  Climate Change is a combination cult and religion with all the missionary aspects of both.  That isn’t simply going to go away.  Plus, somebody out there is paying the people in power to see to it that it happens.

Does this mean that the divide and conquer tactics of the first two points result in the Saudi or Russian or Chinese takeover of the world’s energy markets?  We’ll see, but somehow with corporate interests having deep pockets and access to private security, they may end up doing the job our government in its current form won’t.

Does this mean that the Keystone XL Pipeline won’t get finished under Obama.  Absolutely. For all the reasons listed above.

God help us.

One thing is for sure, without a reasonably free internet and FoxNews we wouldn’t know all this.  Maybe Roger Ailes is one of the players in the game too.

Additional notes:

This is not the first time the Obama-Saudi connection has surfaced, and not from Wall Street Insider, either.  In 2010 this came up and more recently a whole host of incidents outlined here. (Don’t let the name of the site scare you.  There’s a lot of good links)

“People need to study the long history of the earth.”  Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace.  People need to study history period.  


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