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A resident of Flyover Country, Cultural Limits is a rare creature in American Conservatism - committed to not just small government, Christianity and traditional social roles, but non-profits and high arts and culture. Watching politics, observing human behavior and writing are all long-time interests. CL is a regular contributor to The Constitution Club group blog, and writes on her religious blog, Beyond Sodality, from time to time. In religion, CL is Catholic; in work, the jill of all trades when it comes to fundraising software manipulation and event planning; in play, a classically trained soprano and proud citizen of Cardinal Nation, although, during hockey season, Bleeds Blue. She lives in the Mid-Mississippi River Valley with family and two cute and charming tyrants...make that toy dogs.

Moonbats Try to Deny Human Nature; Foster “Blame The Boys” For Female Immodesty

Since when do dads think it is okay for their daughters to dress like sluts? What in the hell has happened to parents in this culture? Earlier this month, Haven Middle School administrators notified parents that female students are no … Continue reading

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March 25: Day to Defend Life

The Annunciation by Leonardo Da Vinci Talk about life’s little ironies. Today begins the opening arguments before the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood vs. Sebelius case on religious liberty. Yes, it has to do with objecting … Continue reading

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Cold Wars, Climate Change And Black Gold. The World Dominance Trinity

It used to be a nuisance.  Now it starts wars Originally posted at Rat Nation Is it possible….  Maybe, just maybe….  Could it be, that the reawakening of the Cold War, the “Climate Change” contortions of words and the Russian … Continue reading

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Making Christ The CENTER Of Christmas, Not Just Keeping Him In It

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White House Front Group Vows to Target Alternative Media

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:
Media Matters set to intensify attacks against Drudge, Infowars in concert with Obama advisors December 13, 2013 by Paul Joseph Watson White House front group Media Matters has vowed to target “alternative online outlets”…

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Playing With The Left And Article V

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And Just Why ARE American Worker Bees So Angry?

In the traditional run up to Thanksgiving, a couple articles appeared in well-known media outlets about Americans becoming more and more angry and disillusioned with the United States and why this is so. The standard answer is economic: the economy … Continue reading

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